Terinspirasi nihhh :)

Posted: April 18, 2014 in intermezo

Hello world!!!!

Lama nih ga ngepost.

baru ngerasain asyiknya nulis di blog setelah hilir mudik di blognya temen-temen.

Hmm, mau cerita sedikit yahh, awalnya ni blog diciptakan hanya sebatas kewajiban sebagai siswa. Secara.. Guru ICT (TIK) guee waktu itu ngewajibin seluruh anak kelas XI untuk memiliki sebuat akun wordpress. Upss, ga cuma punyaa doang. Akun WordPress yang kita punya harus lulus beberapa kriteria. Misalnya, jumlah artikelnya harus sekian, berita-beritanya harus sekian, cerpennya harus sekian, yaaah blablabla lah.. banyak banget.. untung aja ga disuruh ngepost sebuah novel pula di akun wordpress kita inihhh –“

Jadi.. maaf deh yaah kalo ada temen-temen yang menyempatkan diri untuk ngebuka-buka post terdahulu, postan nya agak lucu-lucu.. bahasanya agak ga terstruktur atoo apapun 😀 karena itu karya-karya dibuat karena hanya sebatas kewajiban , wkwk

walaupun sebenernya kalo buatnya udah pake hati, bahasanya masih sering ga terstruktur juga sih.. yaahhh.. maklumlah ya, gue juga masih murid coy 😀



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Lets know more about myself :)

Posted: February 26, 2014 in presentation

Homework is such of an assignment that given from a teacher to their student to check their understanding from the material that the teacher has given. Do you agree with the homework that the teacher usually give to the student? Or even you’d like to feel regret with the teacher that usually give you homework?

                Well, homework is actually so important to make the student re study and re read their notes that they have taken at school hours. Teacher gives the student homework to check their student’s understanding, so if the student cannot do their homework well, Read the rest of this entry »

Education is one of the program that given by the government, to be finished by all of the children in Indonesia. Education is very important, because it can help the children in grow and develop their self forward. Education for children can be divided by two, which is the education in academic and non-academic part. Both of the part in education are actually important and supposed to be balance. A student with an excellence academic ability, but very worst in no-academic one, will be difficult to apply what she or he has known later in the real life. While someone with the excellence in non-academic part, but she or he is very worst in academic par will be difficult as well in the real life, because they have known nothing.

                Academic and non-academic in someone self is supposed to be balance, but there are several views from several people that academic excellence is actually supposed to be stay in number one. Their views that, .even though someone is good at dancing, singing, or even in sport, in national examination, their non-academic excellence will not be marked by the school. They still need to pass their national examination that requires their academic excellence.

                In example, someone who are good at drawing and they want to enter a faculty of drawing. They cannot enter to that university if they have no good academic excellence, even though their drawing skill is amazing.

                In brief, I must say that academic is the most important part in education.

Having a joke?

Posted: December 11, 2012 in artikel terkini


How’s your way of having joke with your friends? Is your friend like it? Or you have ever faced a problem because of your joke to your friends? What is the different between having a joke and bullying?

                Having a joke with somebody else is such of a normally thing, but how if our joke make somebody else feel upset or it regret somebody else? Bullying is the condition when we mock someone too much until he or she feel uncomfortable if she or he get closer with Read the rest of this entry »

How to Manage our Brain well?

Posted: December 11, 2012 in artikel terkini


Recently I have read a very great book, entitled ‘Being Genius’. I think that book is a very great book to be read by a student, because after we read that book we can know what was our mistake before and what actually the things that we need to do related to operate our brain well.

                Our brain can be divided into two parts, which is the left and the right part and each of part has each own function. We usually use our left brain for listen, write down Read the rest of this entry »

SNMPTN dihapuskan?

Posted: December 11, 2012 in artikel terkini


Sudahkah anda mendengar kabar bahwa SNMPTN akan dihapuskan? Bagaimana pendapat anda mengenai kabar tersebut? Apakah anda menyetujui program tersebut? Sekretaris Seleksi Nasional Masuk Perguruan Tinggi Negeri (SNMPTN) Rochmat Wahab mengatakan, tidak menolak kebijakan pemerintah yang menghapus jalur ujian tulis pada SNMPTN 2013 mendatang. Akan tetapi, Rochmat menegaskan, seluruh proses yang dilakukan dalam menentukan penerima jalur undangan harus mengedepankan asas berkeadilan.

                SNMPTN merupakan suatu program yang disediakan oleh pemerintah bagi seluruh siswa-siswi di Indonesia yang ingin meneruskan pendidikan mereka ke bangku perguruan tinggi negeri. Seleksi tersebut dilaksanakan serentak di seluruh Indonesia dengan standar yang sama dan dalam waktu serta hari yang sama di setiap daerah. SNMPTN biasanya dilaksanakan pasca pengumuman kelulusan para siswa-siswi Sekolah Menengah Atas setiap tahunnya. Setiap perguruan tinggi memiliki IP yanog berbeda-beda yang dapat menentukan seseorang bias lulus atau tidak di perguruan tinggi tersebut. Read the rest of this entry »

Boarding school or Usual School?

Posted: December 11, 2012 in artikel terkini

What is in your mind if you hear the word, `boarding school`? A school with a dormitory program? Is it true? Or you have another opinion? Well, whatever your opinion is, boarding school is a usual school which provide the dormitory facilities for the students, while a usual school is the same just like  a boarding school, but they allow the student to go home after the school hours has finished.

                What are the advantages by having a boarding school? Boarding school usually had by a RSBI school while usual school usually had by a SSN school or may be some RSBI school as well. Boarding school is a very good school to threat the Indonesian Future Leaders to become a great leader in the future. Because, in a boarding school, a student can learn many things, not only for their academic excellence, but also the learning process which related to their non academic excellence. Usually, in a boarding school, a student are asked to wash their own food, to manage their own time and their own stuff, to tidy up their own belonging and everything that they need to tidy up.

                A boarding school can teach the student how to live independently, without any attention directly from the parents and also how to make or to create a good willingness from the student, so that they can do everything without any command from somebody else. It can an Indonesian Future Leaders to be more creative and active in every sight. Read the rest of this entry »

What is your Dream?

Posted: December 11, 2012 in artikel terkini

ImageA shine and brighter future are what many people wish to have in their life.  Both of that wishes can be called as dream. Dream is such of an important thing to be had by someone, to make their life have a clear determination. Dream also can be said as the starting point to make someone doesn’t go to the wrong way.

When we must start to set up our dream? As soon as possible, may be since we were still children in a kinder garden we must set up our goals and dreams in the future. Did you do it at that time? Is one of your goals and dreams that you have set up has reached? You have or you haven’t do it before, it hasn’t late if you want to start set it up now.

How to set our dreams and goals? The first thing that you need to see is you must know what is your ability or your passion. Don’t ever force yourself to become someone which not in your way or to become someone that a hundredth percent not in your passion, because it will only hurt you in the future. If you have already set it up, just be focused on that. Don’t ever try to do many things in the same time or even you want to try to be expert at many things, because it will not be effective for you. Read the rest of this entry »

Say No to Stress! :)

Posted: December 10, 2012 in artikel terkini

What do you think when someone says ‘stress’ word in front of you? What would you said? Or even you, yourself, have you ever felt such of stress in your life? What would you do if it’s happened?

          Stress is such of naturally feeling that a normal human will feel. There are many reasons that can cause a stress in the life. Get low score, facing a huge amount of problems, loosing someone important in life, are three from a hundredth reasons that can make people get stress.

          Allah SWT gave a human a brain to think, think everything in their life. Stress can be happened if someone thinks a lot for some cases in his or her life. They think their problem most of the times until may be they can’t have a nice rest. This condition is not supposed to be happened.

          How to against stress in life? Ok, I’ll try to offering all of my beloved visitors about my ideas, how to against this. The first think you need is, always remember your God and always believe that your God will always help and be around you whatever your condition is. Then, try to entertain yourself with your own way, for examples are hearing the music, playing the music tool, express your feeling in your arrangement of word, draw something to express your feeling, scream in a silent area, have a sport for a while, Read the rest of this entry »